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Hi awesome fellas!
We’re happy to announce that we are currently recruiting Boards of Directors and Staffs for UI SynBio Club!

As promised, we will tell you the benefits of joining as BoD of UI SynBio Club!

1. Get your name written in UI SynBio history! You could be the first to initiate UI Synbio as official student body

2. Get direct networking to certain professors & labs as BoD UI Synbio will work hand in hand with them!

3. Get actively involved in organizing core activity of UI Synbio:

✓ Synbio Class (the first ever open public class of synthetic biology in university level in Indonesia)

✓ Journal Club! We’ll take things to another level from what we will have learned in class!

✓ You’ll be first on the list to join every Lab and Company Visit!

✓ Since our biggest project is iGEM, BoD who will be involved in management and organising the team will have written form of appreciation, a.k.a certificate, from iGEM itself!

What? You are not a member yet? It’s okay, you can still register! Just click on the link tiny.cc/synbiorecruit17 and fill out the form!

Come and join us!

For more info check our social media

Line : @yej6379e
Facebook : Universitas Indonesia Synbio Club
Instagram: uisynbio
Twitter : @UI_SynBio

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