Go Green In The City 2017



Do you find any energy-related issue(s) around you?
Do you have any bright ideas to solve urban & environmental problem(s)?
Are you looking for a whole new experience and chance to win exceptional prizes?


You better get up & join

Go Green In The City 2017

GGITC is a global competition held by Schneider Electric Company.

MAIN GOAL: Ideas for Efficient Energy Management in Smart Cities

  • Who is eliglible to apply:

1. Engineering, Business, Economic Students
2. Second & Third year Students

*note: each team consist of two members (At least one female member in a team)

  • Idea submission:

1. Sustainability & Inclusivity
2. Cool Solution/Energy Efficiency
3. Energy Storage & Efficiency
4. Integrated Urban Energy System
5. No Boundaries (any unique idea for going green)

  • Benefits of participation:

1. Worldwide trip (Paris & Winner’s trip) opportunity
2. Professional mentor coaching
3. Schneider Electric job offer
4. Reward money for winners

Submission deadline: 12 May 2017

Curious on how to get those benefits? Click the link down below for more information on how to register!


Share Your Innovation, Help Your Environment!

Schneider Electric #LifeIsOn

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